Village Sake Waitlist

Our waitlist is a standard waitlist with two unique features; 1) you can sign up online and 2) you can request a later table.

To start, we only have 14 tables, including the 3 outside. Of those, only 5 inside tables can seat 4 guests. We can seat a limited number of larger parties (6-8 guests). 

At the beginning of the evening, we give priority to all the customers who are present when we open. That means on busier nights, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we fill our tables at 5pm.  At the same time, 5pm, our online waitlist opens and guests begin adding themselves.

Key Points

  • If you arrive before 5p, you will most likely get a table right when we open. On rare occasions we can't seat everyone when the doors open, but that is very rare.

  • Our online waitlist also opens at 5pm. You can add yourself and request a later table time. 

  • If you want to dine at 5pm, it’s best to arrive just before we open.

  • When using the list, the sooner you add yourself the better - especially if timing is critical.

  • On the weekends, things naturally fall into 3-4 seatings per night; Roughly 5-6:30p, 6:30-8p, 8-9:30p, and 9:30-10p.

  • Your position on the list is a good indicator of timing. If you are #1-20, you will most likely be able to get in the second seating, #20-30 the third, and beyond #30, one of our later seating.

  • We will text you a little before your table is ready. 

  • Our list notifications offer two way communication. So, if you give us a little time to process your entry and the overall list, you can check the timing with a text. For example, you add yourself at 5:20p and request "After 7:00pm" and you are #16. We recommend you wait until about 6p and reply to your confirmation text with something like, "How does the timing look for our table?". By then, the host can reply with an estimate like, "It should be between 7-7:30". If it was the same situation but you were #38, the host would probably reply with "It will probably be around 9p".

  • Keep in mind, it's much easier to get a table on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

  • We welcome walk-ins. Wed/Thur, they often work our well. Fri/Sat/Sun, we usually can seat walk-ins in the later part of the evening.