We made the SF Chronicle's Top 100 2016!

Wow! We are so impressed with our team. To make the Top 100 in our first year is truly a great accomplishment for everyone's hard work. Thank you team Village Sake!

Scott Whitman was the chef at Sushi Ran for 15 years, but last year he teamed up with Fairfax firefighter Scott Porter to open a Japanese izakaya in this quiet Marin town. The sushi, generally six or eight fish a night, is pristine, but Whitman also excels on other dishes, whether it’s charred octopus explosive with Korean chile paste; smoked salmon with pickled tea leaves; or gossamer scallop chive dumplings. The kitchen has a way with vegetables that might include curried spaghetti squash hit with lime and ginger. The interior has a clean, rustic sensibility, and the service is warm and helpful — especially when trying to choose one of the sakes. It’s little wonder there’s often a line when the restaurant opens at 5 p.m. But it’s definitely worth a wait.
Specialties: Miso black cod; chicken thigh skewers; Wagyu beef tataki; tempura green beans; kimchi Brussels sprouts; warm toffee cake

Written by Michael Bauer
Edited by Kitty Morgan & Paolo Lucchesi