Waitlist Changes

We are constantly striving to make our waitlist process as fair and simple as possible. It’s a tough challenge to meet everyone’s needs and expectations while ensuring we do not have empty tables while so many are waiting to get a table.

We had recently added the “request your time” feature to help make getting a table at a time closer to your needs. This worked some of the time, but most of the time the requested time was before the length of the wait, or as usual, everyone requested 7:00pm and we only disappointed many of the guests who requested 7:00pm. It also left many tables empty from 6-7pm.

We are going to simplify things and move to a “in line” standard list starting today. You may still say in the notes “I cannot get there before 6:00pm” for example and we will skip over you until then. We will no longer be sending out estimated wait times. You can see online where you are in line and call us for estimates. When we quoted times online, we would quickly get up to 2-3 hour quotes on busy nights based on the number of sign ups. The problem with this is many people would get a two hour quote, have no intention on waiting that long, and not cancel, leaving us to over quote times. The longer than actual quote times left many not bothering to sign in.

We will also begin taking names for the list earlier at 5:00pm starting on Monday.

On another note to share, besides on the weekends, the crazy lines before opening have really trimmed down. Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays are much easier to walk in now outside of the 7-8pm times. 

We are often asked why we do not take reservations. Since we only have 12 tables and everyone wants to book 7:00pm, we feel this will limit our ability to serve as many guests as we do each night. It will also take away any chance for a spontaneous visit.  We do not want to be a place that you have to book out a month in advance to dine here. 

We sincerely thank everyone from the bottoms of our hearts for all the support and patience as we continue to learn how to best operate. We have the best community to be a part of.

Thank you,

The Village Sake team.