We are open!

Well, we did it! We opened our doors to the public Thursday night, August 27th, to a line of people waiting outside. It was very exciting (and scary) to see how many people wanted to give us a try on our very first night. It was hard, but we got through it. Thank you for your patience as we found our footing. Our second night saw the same line out front prior to opening. (we haven't even hung up our sign!) A much smoother shift with a lot of great guests. 

A very big thank you to all of our supporters through Kickstarter, contractors, vendors, friends, family and staff for making it happen. 

Togo Orders?

We've been asked about if we are going to do togo food, we will, but we need to first get practiced enough serving our in house guests before adding more orders into the kitchen. Stay tuned and we will announce that down the road.

Reservations? Why not?

Currently we are holding off on reservations. This is a decision we made for now that we think will benefit all. True, you may have to get on a wait list (you can call ahead after 5:00pm) but we think this will allow more guests to enjoy a meal with us. Since we are so small, holding tables for reservations will limit the amount of guests we can serve. We really dislike having tables empty and guests standing at the door wanting to sit, only to turn out the reservations never show. It would also limit the ability to pop in and dine with us. If and when we expand, we will consider reservations.

Thank you again to all and we look forward to seeing you at the Village!